Door Scene Project

I’m actually really proud with how this mini-project of ours turned out.  I mean, prior to this exercise for ECMP 355,  I had never used iMovie much less edited a video.  With that said, I am incredibly thankful that this was a group project verses a one-man-show simply because the collaboration gave us the opportunity to teach each other, to learn from each other, and to learn together when we hit a roadblock.

What I found most surprising was that the editing took at least three times longer than filming did.  My expectations going into the project was that we would be filming forever trying to get everything just right and then simply adding music to it on the computer.  Boy was I wrong.

In terms of applying this into my future classroom and having my English students using video, I am absolutely ecstatic because I think it could be a great tool to observe their comprehension of novels or short stories that we’ve studied.  I’m sure there are numerous other ways to utilize video-making projects into the English classroom.  If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please, please, please comment and share! I would love to know.



One thought on “Door Scene Project

  1. I think that having video in the English classroom is great. As movies and television have proven themselves to be the predominant media of our age, English teachers need to be willing to let students speak from the medium of video, allowing them to become more affluent in the language of our age. Literature is still very important, and I am not suggesting that literature be dropped, but English teachers should be willing to make room for other aspects of communication, especially ones that students are in contact with everyday.

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