Negative Technology for Students..

On Twitter I have been following @magicalmaths for a couple months now and have never really found any of their tweets particularly relative to what and how I want to teach in my classroom someday.  Basically, they’re one of those people you follow just in case they happen to put something interesting out there one day.  And sure enough, today I came by this tweet and thought that it might be worth checking out as I am a student myself as well as a pre-service teacher who would love to help students pass their exams swimmingly…

So I clicked on the link and it took me to this website:

And I watched this video…

My first reaction was that this was actually a spoof of sorts, that suggested that exams are not an effective way of evaluating a student’s comprehension — that exams only force students to regurgitate information that the teacher already knows rather than assessing their ability to recognize the overall concept. I thought it was a spoof because, only fourteen seconds in and there were silly spelling errors everyone learns before high school like “Lifes” rather than “Lives”.   But then I started to watch this video and I grew concerned as I thought that, just maybe, this was a very serious advertisement put out by a company who had realized that there were surely millions of students who were struggling to pass their exams because of their inability to memorize facts.  As I proceeded to read the comments on their YouTube video I noticed there were students from all over the world at the ready to purchase this technology as soon as possible.  Still, I was skeptical.  I checked out their website ( and found that, sure enough, the 24kupi is a real product sold internationally.

Products and advertisements like these used to scare me, making me question if I should even be a teacher in fear that I would not be clever enough to see cheating like this happening in my classroom. But as I have been continuing with my education, I have found that if I want to be a good teacher I should not seek to prevent this kind of cheating but rather eliminate the need to cheat by providing my students with projects or exams that encourage them to grasp the key concepts without creating stress and anxiety.

What are your thoughts about how technology like this has affected students in the long run, teachers, and classrooms?

Please also share any other thoughts or comments you have regarding this topic. Thank you.


One thought on “Negative Technology for Students..

  1. @aleeshayoner It baffles me to see a product like this which completely undermines the process of learning. I understand as a student that it is not fun to memorize pages of notes and then regurgitate it on a piece of paper. As future educator, I do not want my students to spend hours on end memorizing topics and ideas. I would rather my students understand a certain formula or idea, and then be able to apply it. I think students should be trained to look up something they do not know on YouTube, rather than cheating on their friends in class. This training must come from the teacher and they need to provide clear examples where this can be applied. This is a great blog post, hope i answered any questions and keep up the good work!

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