ECMP 355 — Summary of Learning

I cannot believe I have forgotten to blog about my summary of learning!  Well here it is now.

To summarize what it is have learned through this course, I made a simple screencast video. It is nothing fancy, but it was new to me and I think that, for it being just a screencast, I still found a way to be creative. Normally, a screencast is an entire video with the only visual being the computer screen and having a narrator describe and discuss what is happening. I added my own little twist by including myself in the video so that people would not lose interest as I catered to the need some people have for quick changing visuals.

In terms of what I talked about, I basically discussed in detail what I found fascinating in ECMP and what I want to take into my classroom with me.

I hope I made my main point and stated what my final thoughts on this course were. If not, they are as follows:

Educational Computers 355 has taught me the power of interaction both between teachers and their interaction with their students.  But, additionally, it has taught me the power technology has in helping teachers interact and collaborate with one another.  Technology has given teachers the power to educate their students in a whole new way.


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