About Me

My name is, as above, Aleesha Yoner. I am an aspiring educator currently enrolled at the University of Regina.  I am in the Secondary Education program with my major in English and my minor in Math.  But being an English teacher is only my short-term plan.  In the long run, I am hoping to be a Teacher-Librarian within a high school.

So clearly I have a passion for books.  🙂  But besides my love for reading, I also have a love for music. More specifically, drums and guitars. I have been playing instruments since I was 8-years-old but only started playing drums when I was 14 and guitar when I was 16. I believe that, like books, music encourages creativity and originality which are some of the building blocks that help a  person to stand-out and excel.

I have many other passions and interests, but those I will share with you as I continue to expand this blog spot.  Hopefully, as this blog grows my personal and professional growth will show — be it in technology, in education, or in everyday things.



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